Black, stickerless, and white plastic variants - Explained

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What's the difference?

One of the most common questions that we see from new speedcubers is "Does Stickerless mean that there are no stickers on the cube?". The short answer is -- no. Speedcubes are generally released in three different "plastic color" variants: Black, Stickerless, and White. The idea behind Black and White plastic is that the color of the plastic and colored vinyl stickers would be applied onto the pieces so that the cube would be solvable (see example image below).

Most people expect Stickerless cubes to look something like the image below:

In reality, the Stickerless variant cubes are made up of six different colored plastics and a "split piece design" that enables each side of the cube to be a different color and not require any vinyl stickers to be applied to solve the cube. There are different variations of Stickerless cubes such as: Stickerless (Bright), Stickerless (Pink) and Stickerless. "Stickerless (Bright)" means that the plastic colors are generally brighter and more vibrant while standard "Stickerless" is typically darker and less vibrant. "Stickerless (Pink)" usually comes with pastel shades and the red plastic is switched to a pink color.

See below example of a Black, Stickerless (Bright), and White speedcube side by side:

While the name may be confusing to some, Stickerless variant speedcubes are rapidly gaining popularity in the cubing community because they are easy to maintain and there is no worry of stickers chipping or peeling off. The only downside to the Stickerless variant is that you are unable to choose your own custom color scheme like you can with our in-house Sticker Picker system which features over 70 unique color options.

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