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If you are working on qualifying for Team SCS and want to support SpeedCubeShop you may want to consider becoming a brand ambassador. Brand ambassadors who are driving consistent traffic and sales to our store have a better chance of acceptance to Team SCS as they have more value to add to their sponsorship application by showing that they are already supporting our brand.

What does a brand ambassador receive?

Brand ambassadors are sent free products and gain early access to new releases. The more traffic and sales a brand ambassador generates for us, the more products we will send out.

We are also able to create a discount code for brand ambassador's to share with their audience and to track sales in some cases.

What is expected of a brand ambassador?

Brand ambassadors need to be promoting and advertising SpeedCubeShop across social media and/or at competitions and events. Our intentions are not for brand ambassadors to "spam" but to provide plugs to our store when appropriate such as during reviews or in posts.

What if I no longer want to be a brand ambassador?

If for some reason you choose to no longer continue as a brand ambassador, you are free to stop at any point and are not bound to any contractual agreement. If you have received product that you have not yet promoted in a post or video, we ask that you promote any new products sent to you before you stop promoting us.

How do I become a brand ambassador?

We are always looking for people who believe in SpeedCubeShop as a brand and enjoy supporting us. It is important to remember that your posts should receive about 500 likes or interactions on average for us to start sending you product. If you feel that you have the ability to promote SpeedCubeShop and help the brand grow as a brand ambassador, please contact us and provide us with links to all of the social media that you will be using to promote us and what you plan to do to help promote us. To inquire about becoming a brand ambassador, send a proposal email to

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