My order is being returned to sender

Updated 2 years ago by Cameron Brown

Why is my order being returned to sender?

A shipment will be returned to sender if the shipping address is incomplete or invalid or if international customs duties or taxes are not paid by the recipient.

What to do if my order is being returned to sender?

If your order is being returned to sender, check the tracking information to see if there is a specific reason why the package is being returned.

Contact us and provide us with your order number (found on your order confirmation email or SpeedCubeShop account order history) and as much information you can provide as to why your order is being returned to sender. If you are unsure why the package is being returned, we will contact you as soon as the package is received by us and determine why the package was returned.

What happens to my returned package?

Upon receipt of your returned shipment, you will have the option to have the shipment resent to you or we can process a gift card or refund for the value of the order less the original shipping charge if there was one.

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