Out of stock guarantee

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We have you covered!

  1. Pre-pay to save 10% - If a product goes out of stock, you can prepay and get a 10% discount!

How it works

We will send you a custom invoice containing any items you want to order. This invoice can contain both in stock and sold out products. As soon as you complete your invoice, your order is put in a wait list for the sold out product and will ship as soon as all products in your order are available.

Setting up a prepayment

To prepay, please email a list of everything that you want to order to service@speedcubeshop.com

It is very helpful if you write the product name exactly as it appears on our website so that we do not have any trouble identifying the product you want to order.

Also remember to notate the plastic color and quantity :)

We need to know where to send your order so please include  your complete shipping address and any preferred shipping method you would like to use if any.

Terms and conditions

We usually receive new stock every other day but depending on availability, wait times may range from 1-4 weeks.

10% discount applies only to sold out products.

Additional discounts cannot stack with 10% prepayment discount.

If a product is no longer available from the manufacturer, we may not be able to create a prepayment for that item(s).

  1. Sign up for a restock notification via Email or SMS - To sign up for a restock notification, visit the product page of the out of stock item and click the green restock notification button. This will prompt you to select the plastic color (or variant) as well as the notification type (Email or SMS). Once the product is back in stock, you will be immediately contacted

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