Out of stock guarantee

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We have you covered!

Looking to get a product that is out of stock?

  1. Pre-pay to save 10% - To pre-pay for an out of stock item, contact us with a list of all out of stock items you would like to order along with any in-stock items you would like to include in the order. When listing products, please list the product name exactly as it appears on our website and include the plastic color (or variant) along with your desired quantity. We will respond to your request with a custom invoice and apply a 10% discount to any out of stock items. After your invoice is paid, we will ship your order once all items are in-stock.
  2. Sign up for a restock notification via Email or SMS - To sign up for a restock notification, visit the product page of the out of stock item and click the green restock notification button. This will prompt you to select the plastic color (or variant) as well as the notification type (Email or SMS). Once the product is back in stock, you will be immediately contacted

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