Competition sponsorships

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SpeedCubeShop is happy to support competitions worldwide with our sponsorship program!

What is included?

Generally, we can support your competition by providing gift cards as prizes, cube covers, and business cards.


We base our prize pool offer off of the competitor limit and the number of registered competitors. If you are offered a sponsorship for your competition, you may choose to distribute your total prize pool however you would like or you may use our standard break down listed below. For example, if you are given a prize pool of $300, you may choose to have larger prizes for some events and smaller or no prizes for other events.

Competitions with less than 75 competitors

1st place: $15 gift card

2nd place: $10 gift card

3rd place: $5 gift card

Competitions with up to 150 competitors

Main Event (generally 3x3 speedsolve):

1st place: $25 gift card

2nd place: $15 gift card

3rd place: $10 gift card

Other events:

1st place: $15 gift card

2nd place: $10 gift card

3rd place: $5 gift card

Competitions with over 150 competitors

Please contact us for a custom offer.

Distribution of prizes

It is not the responsibility of SpeedCubeShop to distribute prizes to the winners. We can either provide you with the gift card certificates as a printable document before the competition or you may contact us after the competition so that we can combine gift card totals for competitors who win more than one prize.

What is expected in exchange for a sponsorship?

In exchange for a SpeedCubeShop competition sponsorship, we ask the following:

  1. A "SpeedCubeShop" tab on the competition website that includes our logo, link to our website, and the fact that we are sponsoring the competition.
  2. Recognition as a sponsor during introduction and prize ceremony.
  3. The inclusion of our logo on any event certificates, trophies, apparel, or any other signage.
  4. The use of SpeedCubeShop cube covers for all events.
  5. Providing SpeedCubeShop business cards during competition check-in and registration.
  6. The use of SpeedCubeShop business cards for the Square-1 event.

Please note that if any of these points are neglected during your competition without prior approval, we reserve the right to withhold prizes at our discretion.

Requesting competition sponsorship

To request a competition sponsorship:

Submit an application form here:


Send an email to and provide us with the following information and any other relevant details:

  1. Link to the competition website
  2. Expected number of competitors
  3. Competitor limit
  4. Opportunities to advertise SpeedCubeShop (both verbally and by using our logo)

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