Cosmic cube warranty

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Cosmic cubes are hand crafted by Cosmic Experts, trained to produce the most perfected, longest lasting puzzles possible. In the unlikely event that there is a problem with your Cosmic cube, a 6-month warranty is included with all Cosmic cubes. Your warranty goes into effect the date your Cosmic cube is delivered and covers all work completed by our Experts.

Submit a claim

You may submit a warranty claim through our returns page. One warranty claim is allowed per Cosmic cube.


  • In the unlikely event that your Cosmic cube arrives with sticker imperfections, a claim must be submitted within 7 days of delivery to avoid being considered a "wear and tear" item.
  • Any modifications to your Cosmic cube not completed by one of our Experts may result in your warranty being voided. Modifications include but are not limited to: adding or removing lubricant, adjusting pre-set tensions and the removal of pre-installed magnets.

SpeedCubeShop reserves the right to refuse any returns that do not have an RMA #.

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