Can I order replacement parts?

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How it works

We make ordering replacement parts as easy as possible with our replacement parts form!

Filling out each section:

  1. Customer - Accurately fill out your customer information so that we can calculate the shipping cost and send your invoice to you.
  2. What parts do you need? - Please provide an accurate description of the piece that you would like. It is best if you can include an image of the piece you need or an image of the puzzle that illustrates where the missing piece belongs.
  3. Add additional items to your order - We recommend adding other items to your order to get a better value shipping rate. Please clearly include which item(s) you would like to add to your spare part order along with the quantity and we will add it to your custom invoice.

After you submit your order request, we will send you a custom invoice containing all available parts that were requested and any additional products that were requested in 1-2 business days.

Please note that each part is $1.49 USD and we will notify you if any parts are not available at this time. We reserve the right to refuse any spare part order request.

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