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Team SCS is comprised of a group of world-class speedcubers and content creators around the world! Joining Team SCS is more than just receiving a sponsorship, it is joining our family of cubers who regularly collaborate and help each other continue to improve and be the best version of themself.

What is included?

Majority of our Team SCS sponsorships are tailor-made to provide the most value. It is important to express what you are looking to get out of your sponsorship so that we can find the best sponsorship to fit your needs.

What is expected of Team SCS members?

We expect Team SCS members to be promoting SpeedCubeShop in exchange for their sponsorship. A sponsorship agreement needs to be a two way street and should not be a one-sided deal. The more a team member supports the store, the more we are able to support them. It is important to note that there are preferred ways of supporting us which we feel are reasonable and does not come off as "spam". If you are made an offer, we will clearly communicate what is expected of you as a member of Team SCS.


We sponsor people based off of their social media presence and/or their speedsolving results in official WCA competitions. Please keep in mind that these qualifications are subject to change at any time and that meeting our qualifications does not guarantee you a sponsorship.

YouTube Creator - Channel should be comprised of at least 90% cubing content. It does not do us much good to sponsor a channel that creates content for an audience that does not have an interest in our products and services. You should average a minimum of 2,000 views on your videos and be creating engaging, quality content.

Social Media Promoter - Your posts need to be reaching a large audience of people who are interested in our products and services. Generally, posts on your social media accounts should average no less than 500 likes or interactions per post.

WCA Speedcuber - We realize that some cubers specialize in a select number of events and that some cubers are known as "all-rounders" meaning they specialize in large amount of events. You should be within the top 20 for world-ranking on the WCA rankings for average and/or single for the events that you specialize in.

Submitting an application

Before submitting an application, it is crucial that you have read and understand our qualifications. We receive dozens of sponsorship applications each day and by submitting an application when our qualifications are not yet met delays the application review process drastically.

If you do not yet meet qualify for Team SCS, don't worry! We all start somewhere and you just need to keep up the good work and submit an application when you do meet our qualifications.

To submit an application, first make sure that you meet our qualifications and click here. Please allow 1-2 weeks for a response depending on the volume of applications we are receiving.

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