Tracking says delivered but package is missing

Updated 2 years ago by Cameron Brown

What to do?

Delivery scans are sometimes made prematurely by mail carriers.

Here is what you can do if your tracking number says your order is delivered but it is not:

  1. Confirm your shipping address is correct. You may reference your shipping confirmation email or check your SpeedCubeShop account order history.
  2. Look for an attempted delivery notice at your front door or in your mailbox.
  3. Search your delivery address or check with a neighbor.
  4. Check if someone else accepted the delivery by referencing your tracking information.
  5. Wait 36 hours -- usually packages are delivered within 36 hours of a premature delivery scan being made.

If you have done the above and your order still is missing, please contact us and provide us with your order number (found on your order confirmation email or under your SpeedCubeShop account order history) and we can open a claim with the mail carrier.

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