What is the difference between a Supernova and Cosmic cube?

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Supernova and Cosmic cubes are customization services completed by our team of Experts. If you are in the market for a custom cube, you might be trying to decide if you should get a Supernova cube or a Cosmic cube. Supernova cubes are our most cost-effective way to break into the custom cube genre and are designed to compete with other custom cubes on the market while our Cosmic cubes are in a league of their own! Supernova cubes include a set-up service and the option to add custom stickers or magnets. 

Cosmic cubes are what we (and many others) consider to be the best cubes that money can buy! Cosmic cubes are made by Cosmic Experts who spend hours setting up your Cosmic cube to our exact specifications. Your Cosmic cube will come with an even coating of lubricant applied to all of the major contact points and a balanced, neutral tension setting which results in a far longer lasting, smooth, and controllable feel. Cosmic cubes also go through extensive testing and quality checks to make sure that your cube will arrive without defects and be of the highest quality. By default, Cosmic cubes will arrive with a set of our Full-Bright stickers pre-applied unless you request a custom color scheme or fitment. Like our Supernova cubes, you will have the option to add magnets to your Cosmic cube to further increase stability and control. Every Cosmic cube includes a 6-month warranty that covers any work completed by our Experts.

Supernova cubes will arrive with a Supernova logo pre-applied to the white center and in the original product packaging. Cosmic cubes arrive with a Cosmic logo pre-applied to the white center piece and come with a Cosmic Cube Bag, and Cosmic Cube Stand for added value. While Supernova cubes are fantastic option, the time that we spend on our Cosmic cubes allow us to reach a level of performance that is not possible with our Supernova series. 

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